We are an “adventurous” couple that met in Canada in 2013. Su is from Chile and Sinisa is from Croatia. After living 2 years in Toronto, we decided to move to Europe and continue looking for new experiences. As nomads, we had to adjust to different contexts, places and circumstances. However, even though we love to travel and move around, in our inner hearts, we really wanted to set up a place to live in harmony, peace and balance with nature. While we were living in Croatia and traveling around looking for jobs, we came up with our Eko Kutak project. We have to say that we are not rich people who decided to quit all the luxuries of the city, sell everything and start living on a farm. Quite the opposite, we are regular people who have struggled to find jobs in foreign countries and learned how to survive as immigrants. When we came to Croatia, Su fell in love with the nature and fascinating “Balkan” culture. She was able to imagine herself living connected with the incredible nature here and see all the treasures that Croatia possesses beyond the economic crisis and the traces of the War. Fortunately, we are so stubborn that despite all the barriers and skepticism about our idea, we found the right place to start our dream.

Because we are just dreamers, not farmers, we must take this challenge with responsibility. That is why Sinisa finished the Permaculture Design Certificate and Su is gathering experience as a volunteer in other ecofarms. We have many things to learn, especially about the rhythms of nature and its cycles. We firmly believe that living in nature is immensely rewarding. People label us as “crazy” and “brave”. We love that combination, though.