Eko Kutak is an Eco and social farm. Based on permaculture principles, we are in the process of building a sustainable “corner” where all the components interact in order to regenerate the soil and keep the balance between the planet and all the living beings.

 As an Eco farm, Eko Kutak will create a balanced system to include orchard production and animal raising. Because biodiversity is key, we will grow a variety of green veggies in the garden. In addition, we will have perennial products such as asparagus and fruit trees as well as quinoa and test their adaptability to this climate.

In terms of animals, they will be our partners, for we will all work together for a common goal: restore the Earth’s balance. Therefore, we will incorporate goats and chickens, and in the future we will also add  cows and horses.

As a social farm, Eko Kutak will aim to offer an open place for the local community where people can come and share their knowledge, meet each other and enrich the link to local farmers and their families. We also want to work with schools and invite children to the farm where they can learn from nature by interacting with animals and the forest. In the future, Eko Kutak would like to develop an environmental education program for kids and youth and promote healthy food.

Finally, Eko Kutak is a place where people can come and enjoy nature. We will offer an “experience of silence”. For all those who need a moment of peace, quiet and reconnection with nature, Eko Kutak will offer a cozy retreat with healthy food and a peaceful atmosphere.