Eko Kutak is a small company created in 2015. Our main goal is to create an ecological farm in Croatia to produce a variety of vegetables and sub products following the principles of ecological agriculture and permaculture.

Eko Kutak is also a social farm. It is fully committed to sustainability and environmental protection.  The deep respect for nature and local knowledge from farmers has motivated us to focus our entire project on recovering ancestral practices used in agriculture and promoting food sovereignty and agroecology locally. At Eko Kutak we do not want to just grow healthy food, we also want to work with children and youth, invite them to participate and learn from nature, and create awareness about the importance of protecting the local and global environment.

Our dream is to have a farm “without borders”. Eko Kutak is an open place where people can come join us so that we can learn together about sustainable ways of living.

Eko Kutak means “eco corner” or “eco cozy place” in Croatian. That is exactly what we found in Gornja Cemernica, a small village in the middle of Croatia. Thanks to our families, friends and all the generosity around us, we have finally got a piece of land where we are presently living.


Mision: Be a sustainable place that produces, shares and promotes healthy food and

              food sovereignty in harmony with the nature around it.

 Vision: Growing our food, reaping our freedom. Food sovereignty and sustainability